What's New

GiveBIG is always evolving

There are several cool new elements we're adding to the GiveBIG experience. 

  1. Statewide  - GiveBIG is now open to nonprofits across the state of Washington. Since there are other giving days in several communities in the state, the plan is for GiveBIG to complement these campaigns.
  2. Match, Peer-to-Peer & Company campaigns - The CiviCore platform not only allows you identify matching funds and show progress on May 8th toward earning that match (a powerful strategy for raising more money) but will also include peer-to-peer campaigns and company campaigns that leverage the social and professional networks of your donors.
  3. The GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council, made up of leaders and fundraising professionals from 16 organizations is  providing a strong voice for nonprofits in the planning and success of GiveBIG. We benefit from their thought partnership, community connections, and expertise in areas including corporate partnerships, social media, and peer-to-peer fundraising.
  4. Fundraising Assistance - We want to help you raise more money. Fundraising training will include learning events and workshops, a twice a month newsletter that prompts organizations on 3-6 actions to prepare for a successful campaign and direct campaign assistance to immigrant and refugee organizations.

Our hope is to build an engaged community of nonprofits that are working together to foster a greater culture of philanthropy in our state.