Welcome to GiveBIG Registration!


Just click the link below to register. Scroll down to read about the new registration fees and why they're necessary this year.

Which organizations are eligible to participate in GiveBIG 2019?

Tax-exempt organizations (approved by the IRS) with a headquarters or a service location in Washington State are invited to participate in GiveBIG2019. 

Nonprofit organizations that are approved by the State of Washington but do not have tax-exempt status from the IRS are not eligible. Individuals are not eligible.

Registration information

To participate in GiveBIG 2019, complete registration by March 29, 2019 and pay the registration fees. You are required to provide the name and email of the financial contact who will receive the donation disbursement check. This contact must reply to an email verifying their email by May 1. If the email has not been verified by this date, your participation in GiveBIG may be revoked.

How do I register if my organization is fiscally sponsored?

When registering you will have the opportunity to select that you are fiscally sponsored. You will enter the Tax ID of your fiscal sponsor and their financial contact. Funds raised during GiveBIG will be distributed to your fiscal sponsor.

Registration fees

In order to fund the media and promotional activities, outreach and fundraising support for nonprofits, and campaign staff, all participating organizations will pay a registration fee.  The fee structure is new this year since philanthropic support for the campaign is much less than in previous years, when the event was sponsored and largely paid for by the Seattle Foundation.  While the Seattle Foundation and other sponsors are providing some support, fees are necessary to produce GiveBIG.
The good news is that the campaign will provide you with more than $500,000 in media exposure (75% of that donated) as well as other promotional benefits.  501 Commons is also increasing its help to organizations that are learning how to fund raise effectively during GiveBIG.
This registration fee is in addition to the fees charges against donations, which pay for the CiviCore platform and for credit card processing. Your donors will have the option to cover the platform and processing fees, otherwise they will be deducted from the donations received on the platform. Seventy-three percent of donors cover this cost for you.

How were registration fees determined?

We determined registration fees through discussions with the Nonprofit Give Day Coalition and our GiveBig Nonprofit Advisory Council and with input from a survey in November that garnered nearly 500 responses.  Most comments and responses favored a progressive sliding fee scale that is based on the net amount raised during GiveBig last year for returning organizations and a sliding scale based on contributed revenue for new organizations. 

From the beginning, we wanted to be fair and transparent. GiveBIG has never had registration fees, so it was important that it not come as a surprise that fees are needed given the reduced level of philanthropic support. In future years, when we have a longer  time for fundraising we hope to be able to reduce the fees.  For 2019, thanks to the nonprofit community for setting GiveBIG 2019 on a path to success!

We are committed to GiveBig supporting organizations of all budget sizes. Please provide your 2019 Contributed Revenue Budget.  This is the total amount of money you are attempting to raise for your current fiscal year (2018/2019 or 2019) minus any earned income, capital campaign funds, in-kind revenue, or interest or investment earnings your organization expects to earn.

If your organization participated in GiveBIG 2018

The registration fee will be 2.9% of your donation total from GiveBIG 2018 up to a maximum of $5000.  If your organization received less than $1,000 in donations, the fee is only $10.

If your organization did NOT participate in GiveBIG 2018

The Registration fee is based on your 2018/19 or 2019 contributed revenue budget (excluded earned income, capital campaign contributions, and interest earnings). These fees are shown below and also range from $10 to $5,000.

The fee structure depends on whether your organization's participated in GiveBIG in 2018:

$1 - $150,000 $10
$150,001 - $300K $25
$300,001 - $600K $50
$600,001 - $1.2M $100
$1,200,001 - $2M $150
$2,000,001 - $3M $250
$3,000,001 - $4.5M $500
$4,500,001 - $7.5M $1,000
$7,500,001 - $10M $1,500
$10,000,001 - $15M $2,500
$15,000,001+ $5,000


The registration fee may be paid by credit card (processing fees will be added) or by mailing a check to 501 Commons 1200 12th Avenue South, Suite 1101, Seattle WA 98144.  Please note that payment is due no later than March 29, 2019. Failure to pay before the deadline may disqualify you from participation.