Nonprofit Toolkit

Logos & Branding

We hope you are as excited as we are about GiveBIG 2019! To help you get ready, we've assembled a downloadable Toolkit of assets for your organization to utilize in your campaign.  You will find creative options for digital ads, email campaigns, social posts, office posters and more.  Please note, it is important to use all logos and graphical elements properly. Please review the brand guidelines prior to downloading any of the below assets.


These examples and more are available for use


How to guides

Giving Day Playbook

The Ultimate Giving Day Guide

Training & Fundraising Assistance

There are numerous training and support opportunities available to nonprofits so that you can learn fundraising best practices, create effective peer-to-peer campaigns, use GiveBig to identify new donors, and leverage matching funds to increase your donations. 501 Commons will be sponsoring several learning events and is providing Fundraising Accelerator, a subscription service (free to registered/paid participants) that delivers an email every two weeks with explicit actions and links to resources and tools to keep you moving forward in your preparations for GiveBIG.