Frequently Asked Questions for Nonprofits

GiveBIG 2019 is a one-day online giving event to raise funds for nonprofit organizations headquartered in or with a service location in Washington State. GiveBIG 2019 is Wednesday, May 8 May 8 from 12:01 a.m. through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.






How do I reactivate my profile if I participated in GiveBIG 2018?
By beginning the registration process, you will be able to search for, reactivate, and update your profile from 2018.

How do I access my GIVEBIG account once I have registered or reactivated my account?
Go to and click on the login button.

How do I update the contact information for my organization?
You may add as many user accounts to your organization's profile as you'd like. All users will be included in all correspondence regarding GiveBIG 2019.

Can I continue to make edits to my profile after it's been reviewed and published?
Yes, simply click the edit button on your Profile Overview page to make changes. You can also add or edit multimedia entries.



What url should my organization use to give donors?
Once you register, your nonprofit will have a specific link that you can provide donors, usually in the form In the meantime, you can always point people to

How do matching funds work?
GiveBIG is a crowdfunding event, using online donations of all sizes to raise funds for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can raise more money during GiveBIG's if they secure matching funds, which encourage people to give online donations. A matching fund of any size can incentivize donors to make a gift, or increase their gift, in order to help the organization achieve their match. We are strongly encouraging each nonprofit to secure matching funds. GiveBIG 2019 does not provide matching funds.

You can promote the matching funds on your GiveBIG 2019 profile page, and acknowledge the generous donor who made that gift. As online gifts roll in throughout the day, the matching gift meter will countdown the amount needed to realize your match. It is a real time way to communicate with and motivate your donors. The CiviCore platform provides the ability to display one, dollar-for-dollar match, for GiveBIG.



What if I forget my password?
Click the "Forget password?" link on the website and you will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

How do I stay informed about GiveBIG?
The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our email list. In our emails, we will provide information that will help you set your GiveBIG campaign on a pathway to success.

How can I learn more about how to raise money through GiveBIG?
We are providing training, guides and other resources to help you maximize your success during GiveBIG 2019. Trainings and other program are FREE to those organizations that have registered and paid their registration fees. More information is available here. These programs can be found here.

Where can I find information on the Seattle Times Giving Guide?
You can find important information for the Seattle Times Giving Guide, including key dates and ad rates in our ToolKit. We will also be sending reminders to everyone as we get closer to the event.

Is the GiveBIG website accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes. However, we are continually looks at ways to improve the experience. If you see something we missed, please let us know.