FAQ for Donors

Have a question about making a donation to your favorite charity? If these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) don't answer your question, contact us at givebig@501commons.org.


Is there a minimum donation amount? Is there a maximum donation amount?
The minimum donation is $10. There is no maximum donation amount.
Can a donor contribute to more than one nonprofit in one transaction?
Yes! GiveBIG has a "giving cart" feature, allowing you to donate to multiple organizations in a single transaction.

Is there "early giving" before May 8?
Yes, you can schedule an online donation starting on April 23, 2019. To schedule a donation, create an account on www.GiveBIG2019.org. Choose from the nonprofits listed on the website and fill in your donation amount, you will receive a confirmation email after you submit the form. On May 8 the donation will be processed and you will receive a receipt.
What's the benefit of "early giving" before May 8?
Early giving allows you to schedule your donation before May 8. Travel, work and other responsibilities create busy lives and early giving ensures that you have the opportunity to donate when it's convenient and top of mind. Because these gifts are processed in the early hours of the event, it also helps the nonprofit organization(s) you donate to get a good start to the day. Your early giving will encourage other donors to give.
If a donor gives before May 8, when will the transaction actually be posted?
The donation will be processed in the early morning hours on May 8.  The donor will receive a receipt confirming that their gift was successfully processed.
Can someone donate anonymously?
Yes. There is a check box on the donation form where you can mark if you would like to donate anonymously. This means the donation will be reported to the organization, but without your name or contact information. You will receive a receipt for the donation, but not an acknowledgement from the organization.
Some nonprofits refer to having "matching funds." What does that mean?
Matching funds are donations the organization solicited before GiveBIG that will be given to the nonprofit if the organization is able to reach a certain target, generally equal to the matching fund amount. Matching funds encourage donors to give more generously because their donation will be matched by a donation from someone else, doubling the impact of the gift. If an organization reports having a matching fund, that means that all donations up to the amount of the matching fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Donors do not need to do anything to participate in the match.
Please note 501 Commons does not validate the existence or source of matching funds. This is the sole responsibility of the nonprofit organization. If you have questions about the matching funds, please contact the nonprofit directly. 
Will "Dollars for Change" Return in 2019?
Unfortunately, Dollars for Change - a pool of additional funds raised by the Seattle Foundation will not return in 2019. Stay tuned - we hope to have donors contribute other prize funds to add excitement to the day.
Are donations tax deductible?
Donations made through www.GiveBIG2019.org are tax deductible to the extent approved by law if the organization you are donating to indicates that donations are tax-deductible.  Some organizations are tax-exempt organizations approved by the IRS but donations to them are tax-deductible. 
Does my organization need to issue a tax receipt?
Nonprofit organizations do not need to issue tax receipts. After submitting their donation form, donors will receive an email confirmation that serves as a receipt.  Donors may request a copy of their tax receipt by entering their email address at www.GiveBIG2019.org
Will donors receive a tax receipt?
Yes, all individuals who donate through GiveBIG will receive a tax receipt via email immediately after they make their donation.
What if I need a copy of my GIVEBIG 2017 or 2018 donation/tax receipt?
We can provide that receipt if you enter the email address associated with your year requested and "donations" on our tax form request page.
What is the processing fee for 2019? 
The fee is 4.6% which includes credit card processing, technology, customer service, and administration. 
Are credit card and eCheck donations subject to a fee?
Yes, for GiveBIG 2019, all credit card and eCheck donations are subject to a 4.6% fee per transaction. These funds pay for the credit card processing and for the CiviCore platform.  None of these funds provide support for the campaign, media, outreach, fundraising assistance etc.
Can I cover the platform and payment processing fee so that the nonprofit doesn't have to pay them?
Yes! You will be asked if you would like to cover the credit card or e-check fees associated with the donation. If you respond "yes," a fee of 4.6% percent of your donation will be added.  In 2018, 75% of donors covered this fee for organizations. Organizations very much appreciate this additional support. 
What methods of payment are accepted?
All major credit cards are accepted. An e-check option, requiring you to enter your banking account information is also available.