The GiveBIG Story


I give, you give, we all give together - so people, families and communities flourish!

GiveBIG is powered by 501 Commons, a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization that provides services designed to amplify the strengths of nonprofits. We provide more than 30 services including finance, HR, technology, data solutions, board development, planning, leadership development and more.  For more than 30 years, 501 Commons has been offering innovative solutions and expertise, working in partnership with the nonprofit community. You can learn more at

For GiveBIG we have partnered with Encore Media Group and Civicore. Encore Media Group is a family-owned media and creative services company that connects business and brands with arts audiences and consumers in Seattle and the Bay Area. Encore publishes Encore Arts Programs for performing and presenting arts organizations; provides publishing and advertising sales services for magazines and periodicals; and creates integrated media and activation solutions for clients.  

This will be the third year CiviCore has been technology partner of GiveBIG. For almost a decade, CiviCore's platform has helped to raise over $300 million for some of the largest giving days in the country. CiviCore celebrates successful Giving Days in Pittsburgh, New Orleans, St. Louis, Sacramento, Omaha, the state of Colorado, Dallas/North Texas, and many others.

How nonprofits are supporting GiveBIG

After Seattle Foundation announced that 2018 would be the final year they would present GiveBIG, the nonprofit community came together to decide how to continue the popular giving day that has raised more than $113 million since 2011. A group including representatives from 100 organizations formed the Nonprofit Giving Day Coalition. The Coalition strategized ways to continue the GiveBIG legacy.

After several discussions, 501 Commons was identified to carry the torch, with Encore Media Group agreeing to be the promotional partner. 501 Commons became the new home of GiveBIG in November 2018. We have been working diligently to ensure GiveBIG will be a success in 2019 and beyond. So, thanks to the commitment of hundreds of nonprofits, GiveBIG returns! Seattle Foundation deserves our gratitude for ushering in the largest charitable giving day in our region's history.

In 2019, participating nonprofits will pay a registration fee. This is necessary because the philanthropic support for the campaign is much less than in previous years, when the event was sponsored and largely paid for by Seattle Foundation. While Seattle Foundation and other sponsors are providing some financial support, fees are necessary to produce GiveBIG.

The good news is that the campaign will provide you with more than $500,000 in media exposure as well as other promotional benefits to attract more donors. 501 Commons is increasing assistance to organizations learning how to fundraise effectively during GiveBIG and will be providing training and resources to help organizations leverage the new peer-to-peer and company campaigns available this year.

GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council

The GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council (GiveBIG Council) provides a strong voice for nonprofits in the campaign. The Council is a group of nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals with expertise in corporate partnerships, social media, peer-to-peer fundraising and more. The Council provides thought partnership, community connections, and advice on media engagement, promotional strategies, and fundraising training services. 

2019 GiveBIG Council Members:

Join with us as a GiveBIG champion! You can raise the profile of GiveBIG in the community and encourage fellow nonprofits to participate.